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Our Mission

The mission of the Bradley County School System is to provide an educational opportunity for every student to excel.

Our Vision

Growing Students – Building Futures
By inspiring excellence, all students will realize their worth and potential.  By inspiring excellence in learning, all students will be college and career ready.  By providing an academically rigorous and relevant education, all students will excel.  By becoming a leader, all students will develop character and confidence.
  • 1,160 Employees
  • 759 New Graduates
  • 10,338 Happy students

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BCS Weekly COVID-19 Updates

Bradley County Schools will continue to follow all COVID protocols and monitor the cases on a weekly basis. Due to the decrease in numbers and an increase in vaccinations, the weekly report will be discontinued after Spring Break. It is important to note that if we begin to see a spike in cases across the district, we will reevaluate the reporting.

BCS Weekly COVID-19 Updates

Bradley County Schools will report active cases and quarantines associated with those cases weekly on Fridays at 5:00. The numbers reported on Friday will only reflect the current week’s active cases/quarantines that are school-related.